🚩Inspector Only Notes and Narrative Shortcuts

This is a powerful feature that is super important to understand and is less intuitive.

Inspector only notes allow Scribers to have check boxes built into their template that do not show in the printed report. This creates super flexible templates where you can accomplish two primary goals.

  1. Create short cuts to narratives that you use all the time. This is especially effective for dialing in ScribeWare for mobile.

  2. Create notes for your inspectors that have codes and other background information you may not wish to display in the report but which will help you do your job more effectively.

Video #1 Shows Using Inspector Only Notes for Creating Quick Access To Your Narratives. This is Fantastical For Mobile.

Inspector Only Notes for quick comment access

Video #2 Shows Using Inspector Only Notes to Build Hidden Information Into Your Template to Help Your Inspectors

Stay sharp when codes and installation information can be hidden in your template

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