🏎️Building Links for Instant-Comments

There are several ways to build Instant-Comments into ScribeWare.

***🚩These are template changes, so be sure you are working in your temple and hit save template when done to keep these for the next time.

#1 Shows connecting a narrative to a check box using the Keyword Connection

#2 Shows linking a narrative to a check box using Suggested Observations.

The only difference between this version and the one above is that we are using the Suggested Observations method for linking.

#3. Linking a narrative to an inspector-only note so that the check box stays hidden but the narrative displays in the report.

Either the Keyword Connection or the Suggested Observation method will work with this method.

πŸ—οΈ In this instance, the check box will stay hidden in the finished report, but the narrative will display. This is a great way to build in quick shortcuts to commonly used narratives without cluttering your report with check boxes.

#4 Modifying a Narrative to Fit a Number of Different Check Box Deficiencies

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