🚩Your Data in ScribeWare

Working in ScribeWare is like working on Google docs. The system auto-saves everything. We almost never lose data for this reason.

The only things you really need to save in ScribeWare are your template or library narratives. The reason you need to save them is not for use in the current document you are using but for FUTURE use. Your templates and libraries are data that you likely want to recall over and over again and have it show up the same each time. In these cases, you need to save the template or narrative if you want it to show up as you have it modified.

We believe that The Data You Collect Does not Belong to Us. WE DO NOT SELL YOUR DATA.

There is currently a lot of pressure in the industry from large corporations who want access to your data. If you are seeking refuge from this type of corporate behavior, you are safe with us.

Do I need to back up my data?

You can, but there is no need. Data is backed up in our cloud services and about as safe as you can get. If that system goes down there are likely significant problems with the world computing system.

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